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Aadhaar eKYC Class 2 Individual - SIGNING


Aadhaar Class 2 Individual Combo


Aadhaar eKYC Class 2 Individual - SIGNING


Aadhaar Class 2 Individual Combo

USB Tokens for Digital Signature:

e-Solutions provides online USB Tokens for Digital Signature Certificate. A USB token is a password-protected physical device in which the digital signature is stored. Buy USB e-Tokens Online now.

Terms & Conditions :

- Prices are for USB Token ONLY.

- Prices are inclusive of taxes & are subject to change without any prior notice.

- For any Query/ Help, Call us on 7827439041.

What is USB Token ?

USB Token is a hardware device. For security reasons Digital Signature Certificates must be stored into USB Tokens like Proxkey, Trustkey, e-Pass 2003 Auto, Safenet 5100, Aladdin, m-Token etc. There are many manufacturers who manufacture USB Tokens for Digital Signature Certificates. These USB Tokens are password protected.

As per CCA Guidelines issued on 7th December, 2013, Storage of Digital signature in FIPS Cryptographic USB Token is Mandatory

Why FIPS Cryptographic USB Tokens ?

FIPS is Federal Information Processing Standards developed by US federal government for use in computer systems. FIPS is a standard for manudacturer to produce within guidelines. If product is being produced with FIPS Guidelines & found tested OK,product can be certified as FIPS Certified. As Digital Signature Certificate is very sensitive issue, hardware must be secured and certfied.

  • Certified : Certified by FIPS
  • Plug & Play : Some USB Tokens are Plug & Play
  • Secure : Keeps Your DSC Secure with Password Facility.
  • Safe : DSC downloaded in USB Token can not be copied.
  • Portable : Can be carried anywhere.

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